570 Days……….. Where are you pal????

Press Release

It is now coming up to a year since Timmy went missing.

After a year of campaigning and co-operating with all agencies onboard there are still some vital questions that we as family/friends require answering from the UAE authorities. These questions were asked at our last visit to Dubai in January and we have still not been given any answers. Below are these questions.

  • The RN has extended the offer of providing shipmates for interview by Dubai Police and you have told the Consul General you would like to accept. We would welcome your official response on this.
  • The RN police have provided an evidential pack to Dubai Police. We would like to request reciprocal evidential pack.
  • Can you determine by forensic examination of the Dubai GSM network the electronic signature of how Timmy’s phone finally left the network? For example:
    • It may have been manually switched off
    • The battery may have been drained/discharged
    • The battery may have been pulled from the handset
  • Where did the taxi driver that dropped Timmy off at Port Rashid go afterwards?
  • How many taxis went into Port Rashid between 01:00 and 04:00 and where were their drop off points?
  • What lines of enquiry are you following on kidnap?

Anybody with answers to any of these questions please contact us using any of the details on this website.

Bring Timmy Home

Latest Update – New witness comes forward in Timmy case.

A new witness has come forward claiming he saw Timmy walking away from his ship after he was dropped off by the first taxi. Potentially that could mean that Timmy left the Dockyard in a different taxi.
Whilst Rachael was out in Dubai herself and Neil reviewed various CCTV footage. This footage showed a number of taxi’s leaving between 3-5am.
The investigation continues. Lets hope we get the news that we are all hoping for.


For the full story please visit 7Days Newspaper here.


Facebook Group

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my family during the last 8 months. It has now been over a year since i last saw my husband and things have changed dramatically. In light of my recent visit to Dubai i am quite comfortable in the knowledge that extensive searches for my husband have been conducted and unfortunately have come to no conclusion into his whereabouts. Your extensive campaigning on our behalf has been heart warming and has yielded great results. We now have contacts both here in the UK and out in Dubai who will continue looking for answers. The campaign to Bring Timmy Home is no longer fitting and unfortunately due to this changes need to be made.

Therefore in light of recent events I have come to the decision to close the Facebook group. Me and the children now need to come to terms with the fact that we have to live our lives without Timmy. This group is now serving as a constant reminder of what i have lost and is having an adverse effect on our lives.

Thank you once more for everything you all have done, the time and effort that you all have committed to our cause has really been breathtaking and not in vain. We have achieved so much that would never have been possible without you. This has been a hard decision but it is in the best interest of my family and children. I hope you all understand.

All further communication from the family will be via this website.

Love, kisses and magic,

Rachael MacColl.

Welcome to the official homepage of Bring Timmy Home.

Timmy MacColl a serving British Sailor and devoted family man, was out in Dubai on Sat 26th May 2012. He was put into a taxi by friends at 0200 Sun morning and they paid the taxi up front and asked the driver to take him back to the ship. This was the last that anyone has seen of him.

A Facebook campaign was established to raise awareness and to help kick start the campaign. This very quickly rocketed and we now have over 105,000 people. The media response this has created out in Dubai has been phenomenal, and even though the response in the UK has not been massive it has achieved all our aims.

Let’s remember Timmy is out in Dubai and in the words of Rachael “my husband has not disappeared – he’s missing. Wherever he is my husband wants to be found….”

The media coverage that is now circulating out in Dubai has really taken hold and is reaching all the right people. All media has now been translated into the different local languages used by locals and taxi drivers etc.

The local authorities are dealing with this case in a very professional manner. To this end we must ask that supporters stop asking questions about CCTV, who is the taxi driver etc. The local authorities are following up on all lines of enquiries and will inform the family as and when progress is made.

We have reached a stage now where we have to ask our supporters to stop contacting UK papers and news crews. We have only managed to get where we are now down to all of you and the amazing amount of hard work and effort put in but each and every one of you. . However Rachael is very determined to focus on the media in Dubai. Today she has been in constant demand from all different papers and radio from all over the Dubai region transmitting in many different languages. A increase in UK media would only prevent Rachael from being able to fully commit her energies where they are needed.

Let’s remember the focus is to find Timmy and Bring Timmy Home.

Please take a few minutes to read and sign the petition

I thought I would take the time to really explain the purpose behind the petition and what we hope to achieve to help maybe clear any doubts or deterrents which the name of the link may be having which is preventing us from reaching the 100,000 signatures we are needing.

Timmy Maccoll went missing on the 27th of May whilst serving his queen and country onboard HMS Westminster, which was docked in Port Rashid in dubai.

It has been almost 19 long and excruciatingly painful weeks that the family and friends of Missing Leading Seaman Timmy MacColl have had to endure of simply not knowing where their loveable Timmy is. Hard to imagine isn’t how they manage to just get through the day, the strength, bravery and will they all possess is truly amazing! The sad part is that although the authorities in Dubai have been following leads and doing a great job so far in the search, which the family themselves have praised, there have been too many long spells with no contact at all, no updates unless really pushed and even then the words are too few. Worse still the UK authorities have provided little communication and unfortunately it just leaves you wondering if every possible resource has been utilized to help find this serving man.

So …. The purpose for a petition:
To gain enough signatures which could lead to a debate in the House of Commons where they can really be forced to question what exactly has been done to help find Timmy and what more could be done. We are not trying to shame anyone or put anyone down – we just are trying to make someone stand up and be accountable to obtain much needed answers for everyone who loves and cares about Timmy and to bring him home.

We know that unfortunately there are far too many great service men / women who go away from their families and do not return home due to devastating events which prevent this. In Timmy’s case though, it is a bit different, we do not know where he is but as Rachael said in those very early days – He is missing and wants to be found!

What would you signature help to achieve ……
Well for starters it would help to obtain the required number of signatures to be able to submit the petition. In addition it would help to draw attention to the fact that the communication lines need to be increased, someone needs to be assuring the family that Timmy’s search is important and has been assigned enough resources to ensure everything possible is being down to help locate him and bring him home. Who knows maybe the petition could lead into a serious look at flaws in the current system which can be improved so that should this ever happen again (praying that it does not happen to anyone with all my heart) but if it does, then that family does not face the wall of silence Timmy’s family has. Lastly your signature helps to bring comfort to the family that this group does stand united and will doing everything they can to help like we all say we will do every day in the thousands of posts made.

I hope that this will help convince a few tens of thousands of you lovely members to sign the petition, post it on your walls and encourage your friends/families and co-workers to do the same.

Please do this for Rachael, Cameron, Skye, Eriskay, Sheena, Colin, Brenda, Neil, Jacqui, Royston, Lorna, Nigel, Leanne, Daniel just to name a few (sorry for those I missed – of Timmy’s family

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